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A new IR technique for monitoring low cloud properties using geostationary...

Han, Q., J. Brenguier, K. Kuo, and A. Naeger (2009), A new IR technique for monitoring low cloud properties using geostationary satellite data, Atmos. Sci. Let., 10, 115-121, doi:10.1002/asl.218.

A new technique of using satellite infrared radiance data for retrieving cloud properties is developed and applied to SEVIRI data, which is based on direct radiative transfer calculations, not on the emissivity approximation as used by other satellite IR only techniques. Instantaneous atmospheric profiles are used in the new technique for improving the accuracy of retrievals. Comparison of the retrieved results with coincident observations of CloudSat and CALIPSO shows excellent agreement for low clouds. This study shows that, using only IR radiances, the single layer assumption would significantly underestimate cloud optical depth when multilayered cloud system is presented. Copyright Y 2009 Royal Meteorological Society

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