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B200 - AFRC 06/10/15

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Flight Number: 
Payload Configuration: 
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
4.2 hours
Flight Segments: 
Flight Time:4.2 hours
Log Number:15B010PI:Gregory Sadowy
Funding Source:Parag Vaze - NASA - SMD - ESD SWOT Project Manager
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:The flight went well except for a glitch in a network switch that is part of the radar, causing loss of data in one channel, for one line. Normal function returned after a reboot of the switch. This appears to be new issue. We have a diagnostic procedure now and we also have a backup switch already on site in Alaska. The operators know how to recognize the issue in flight and reboot should it occur again. The airplane functioned well (no autopilot issues), as did the camera. However, cloud cover was heavy, so it is unlikely that the photography will be usable. Overall summary: So far we have flown 25.1 of 59.3 total planned hours for the experiment Flight Summary: 6/1: No flight (weather): 6/4: Yukon Flats 1 (7/10 lines), Tanana 1 (4/4 lines), 5.0 hours – Two sorties, autopilot failure on sortie 1 6/3: No flight (weather) 6/4: Yukon Flats 1 Reversed (10/10 lines), Tanana 1 Reversed (1/4), 5.3 hours – Yaw damper issue 6/5-6/6: Autopilot and yaw damper trouble shooting and maintenance 6/7: Yukon Flats 1 (10/10), Tanana 1 (4/4), 5.3 hours 6/8: Yukon Flats Phenomenology (28/28 lines), 5.1 hours 6/9: Tanana Phenomenology (24/24 lines), Tanana2 (4/4 lines), 4.3 hours 6/10: Yukon Flats 1 Reversed (10/10 lines), 4.1 hours After today, the weather appears to be improving. AirSWOT and B200 teams continue to work closely with the science team each day to optimize the plan based upon weather. So far, we have good radar coverage of both of our primary study areas Tanana 1 and Yukon Flats 1. We have excellent photography of Tanana1 but not of Yukon Flats 1 (due to clouds). The highest priority is to get good photography of Yukon flats 1. Next priorities are to get repeats on the primary sites and image the secondary sites as time permits. I am back in Pasadena now, but am in close contact with the team in Alaska and will continue to coordinate activities and send updates. It was great to be in Fairbanks and to see how committed everyone is to making this experiment a success. We had a bit of a rocky start which was stressful for everyone, but everyone has really worked well together and brought their best “can-do” attitude. I think that we have hit our stride and look forward to more successful data takes as the weather improves.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS108
Total Used87.6
Total Remaining20.4
15B010 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
05/18/152928/AirSWOT 42Science2.62.6105.4
05/26/152929/AirSWOT 42Check4.67.2100.8
05/30/152930/AirSWOT 42Transit3.81197
05/30/152931/AirSWOT 42Transit2.813.894.2
05/31/152932/AirSWOT 42Transit3.417.290.8
06/02/152933/AirSWOT 42Science3.320.587.5
06/02/15 - 06/03/152934/AirSWOT 42Science1.722.285.8

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