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Tow-in After 1st Science Flight

Transit Flight back home via Kwajalein, Hawaii and Moffett Field

POSIDON 10/30/16 Mission Daily Schedule

9 spectacular science flights!
WB-57 Landed in Kwajalein
Quickship Picked Up
Composite Rooms and Trailers empty
ISUs Packed Up

Tuesday, Nov 1st
1200 2nd floor office Pack Up complete (Frig, Microwave, Printer, etc leaving)
Suit trailer & Science trailer pickup

Wednesday, Nov 2nd
0730 ISUs Picked Up

Thank you everyone for a great mission!
Final POD!

POSIDON 10/31/16 Mission Daily Schedule

Note:  Chairs and Tables with "KS" on them can be put in the Science Trailer.  Chair and Tables with blue painters tape are United and can be folded up in place.

Monday, Oct 31st – WB-57 Transit
0730 Mission Brief
0900 Estimated Take-off 
1420 Estimated Landing at Kwajalein (in Guam time)
1530 Deadline to put items in Hangar Staging area for Quickship
1615 Quickship Pickup


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