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POSIDON 10/08/16 Mission Daily Schedule


WB-57 arrived in Guam at 0850.

Monday, October 10th

0700 Plane will be nosed into the hangar
0730-0930 Aircraft Access (with power as needed)
1400 Science Tag-up with at least one representative from each instrument to meet in the Ops Room to see if everyone can be ready for a Wednesday Oct 12 first science flight

POSIDON 10/07/16 Mission Daily Schedule

Sunday, October 9th
Repairs were successful and takeoff is scheduled for 0500L (Guam time) with landing ~0930L.  We will coordinate security to permit access to instruments on the ramp after the flight so that instrument checkout and repair can commence.

POSIDON 10/07/16 Mission Daily Schedule

Saturday, October 8th
The plane is expected on Saturday.  We will WhatsApp and email the flight status when we know it. Take-off is planned for 1000 from Kwajalein (0800 Guam Local time) and ETA is 1230 Local.  

For those that need to monitor flight, make sure you are on wireless so you get WhatApp messages.  Be ready to be at Ops Center as early as 0730.

POSIDON 10/06/16 Mission Daily Schedule

Update: The WB-57 arrival is no earlier than Saturday.  If the arrival is near our 1600-1930 window we will nose the aircraft into the hangar.  If the plane arrives earlier, we will work with the teams to provide ramp access if possible.  Weekend aircraft access TBD.

We will poll all the instrument teams on Sunday afternoon to see if everyone can be ready for a Tuesday Oct 11 first science flight. 

POSIDON 10/04/16 Mission Daily Schedule

Lab setup almost complete
Part sent to Kwajalein for WB-57 repair

Thursday, October 5th
0700-0800 Susan will be in the Sheraton lobby to hand out badges
0800-1600 Lab setup continues

We will WhatsApp and email the flight status when we know it.  
When the aircraft gets airborne, we will monitor the aircraft and instruments from the Mission Ops Conference Room on the flight from Kwajalein to Guam.  

There will be a Science Tag-up after landing.  

POSIDON 10/05/16 Mission Daily Schedule

WB-57 delayed in Kwajalein.  Part will be delivered to plane on Wednesday. WB-57 estimated arrival to Guam Thursday Oct 6th, time TBD.

Wednesday Oct 5 & Thursday Oct 6
0700-0800 Susan will meet new arrivals in the Sheraton lobby to provide badges
0800-2000 Lab set up continues

POSIDON 10/04/16 Mission Daily Schedule

Overview:  WB-57 Arrives in Guam on Tuesday ETA 18:00

Note:  The Suit trailer has been delivered and is set up.  Both trailers have generators and the air-conditioning will be turned on in the morning.  Once the suit trailer is cool, the suit room equipment in the WAS space can be moved.  

Upcoming Schedule

Containers arriving at Guam United Terminal


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