Satellite detection and model verification of NOx emissions from power plants...

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Wang, S., D. Streets, Q. Zhang, K. He, D. Chen, S. Kang, Z. Lu, and Y. Wang (2010), Satellite detection and model verification of NOx emissions from power plants in Northern China, Environ. Res. Lett., 44007, 1748-9326, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/5/4/044007.

We evaluate the recently increasing tropospheric NO2 columns in Northern China measured by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) with an advanced power-plant NOx emission inventory and the NASA INTEX-B emission inventory, using a global chemical transport model (GEOS-Chem). In areas with newly built power plants the modeled and OMI-retrieved summertime average tropospheric NO2 columns increased by 55% and 47%, respectively, between 2005 and 2007. A monthly average increase of 1.79 Gg NOx emissions is calculated to lead to an increase of 1.0 × 1015 molecules cm−2 in the modeled NO2 columns in the study areas. Good consistency ( R 2 = 0.61, slope = 1.18, n = 14) between the increased modeled and OMI-retrieved summertime average NO2 columns is found. These results suggest that NO x emissions from large power plants in Northern China can be identified and quantified using OMI retrievals with confidence. The NASA INTEX-B emission inventory appears to underestimate the NOx emissions from the industry and transportation sectors, making it more difficult to quantify power-plant emissions when they are co-located with large cities.

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