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ORACLES - P-3 Orion - WFF 09/30/18 Science Report

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Sunday, September 30, 2018
Mission Location: 
São Tomé
Mission Summary: 
  • Flight 7:12-14:35UTC
  • High-altitude transit for HSRL
  • Found somewhat broken clouds at ~7.5S. 
  • Radiation wall module components:
    • Spiral in somewhat heavier cloud field.
    • Ramped ascent south-bound to just above cloud.
    • Above, below, then sawtooth in-cloud 2-sawtooth leg. Chose sawtooth to capture variability in microphysics.

{AMS, CCN compromised below 3000’ altitude by PTI leak up until end of cloud legs}

  • 2 min above clouds for 4STAR AOD, then ramped ascent south-bound to start first, north-bound in-situ leg south of spiral. 

{11:06UTC, at start of ascent: Power bank failed affecting HSRL, APR3, 4STAR, COMA, PDI; no data from these instruments after this. Also forced a slightly early return and cancellation of final high-altitude leg over wall area.}

  • 3 ~15min in-situ legs ~1/3 to south of spiral, 2/3 to north of spiral.
  • AOD 0.42 at spiral location; 0.36 at south end of wall & 0.32 at north end of wall.
  • At north end of last in-situ leg / north of “wall”, descend to measure cloud/aerosol in transit on way home:
    • ~30sec below-cloud, then 2 sawtooths, below-cloud leg, in-cloud level leg w/ HiGEAR/AMS/CCN on CVI.
    • Ascend to aerosol layer but it petered out really quickly
  • Transitioned east to hit CALIPSO overpass for RSP; got on their track ~8min after overpass
  • {No PTI data this flight due to leak (gasket issue).}

NOTE: Coordinated with MISR local mode. Did square spiral near 7.5S, well coordinated with MISR overpass, in an area of solid low cloud cover.