TitleAcronymContact PersonCenterAircraftTypeMeasurementsMeasurement RangeMeasurement Instrument PointingMeasurement FrequencyMeasurement Swath WidthMeasurement Horizontal ResolutionMeasurement Vertical ResolutionMeasurement WavelengthsMeasurement Notes
14-channel NASA Ames Airborne Tracking SunphotometerAATS-14Stephen Broccardo (PI)NASA ARCDC-8 - AFRC, J-31, P-3 Orion - WFF, Convair 580 NRC, Twin Otter International, C130H - WFFPhotometerAerosol, H2O, O3, Optical Depth, NO2
Integrated vertical column
Solar tracking
Airborne Multichannel Microwave RadiometerAMMRJames R. Wang (Mgr)NASA GSFCConvair 580 NRC, DC-8 - AFRC, P-3 Orion - WFFRadiometerBrightness Temperature
In situ
10-92 GHz
Cloud Absorption RadiometerCARCharles Gatebe (PI)NASA ARCJ-31, P-3 Orion - WFF, Convair 580 NRC, Naval Research Lab (NRL) P-3 Orion, C-131A University of WashingtonRadiometerSolar flux, Imagery
Zenith (directly upwards), Upwards pointing but not directly upwards, Nadir (directly downwards), Downwards pointing but not directly downwards, Cross-track scanning (angles: 190)
1.67 Hz
340 nm; 381 nm; 472 nm; 682 nm; 870 nm; 1036 nm; 1219 nm; 1273 nm; 1556 nm; 1656 nm; 1737 nm; 2103 nm; 2205 nm; 2302 nm
Spectrometer for Sky-Scanning, Sun-Tracking Atmospheric Research4STARMeloe S. Kacenelenbogen (Co-I)NASA ARCP-3 Orion - WFF, C-130H - WFF, Convair 580 NRC, Gulfstream G-1 (DOE), DC-8 - AFRCSpectrometerNO2, O3, H2O, Spectral Aerosol Optical Depth, Aerosol Extinction Angstrom Exponent, Aerosol Single Scattering Albedo, Aerosol Asymmetry Parameter, Aerosol Scattering phase function, Aerosol Size Distribution, Aerosol Complex Refractive Index, Cloud Optical Depth, Cloud droplet effective radius, Cloud Thermodynamic Phase, Cloud Liquid Water Content
Vertical profile
Zenith (directly upwards), Upwards pointing but not directly upwards, Solar tracking (angles: The instrument can be pointed continuously around the full azimuth and over 270 degrees in elevation )