DC-8 - AFRC 09/03/19

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Flight Number: 
Payload Configuration: 
FIREX-AQ 2019 Configuration
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
7.7 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:09/03/19 15:57 Z Finish:09/03/19 23:42 Z
Flight Time:7.7 hours
Log Number:198002PI:Barry Lefer
Funding Source:Barry Lefer - NASA - SMD - ESD Tropospheric Composition Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:" 2 Dial Remote Sensing Runs at the beginning day and at the end, o Started in Louisiana up through the Mississippi River Valley and ended in Southern Illinois just outside of Shawnee National o Altitude at 25KFT - Sampled approximately 20 fires (19 named but Letter J was a dual). Three new areas not sampled on previous missions. o Southern Illinois - New o Eastern Missouri - New o Arkansas - New o Mississippi o Louisiana - About half of the fires sampled had 2 passes but the majority of the files were small - There was an instrument issue with the LARGE instrument which prevented the dilution of the samples to aide in the collection. So they were limited in how long they could be in the smoke due to the saturation. It worked out however due to the fire sizes we saw. Overall Science was very happy with the data collected and it was truly a bonus flight which they could use to supplement the data already collected. The primary objective was the two remote sensing runs, one at the beginning and one at the end, to get a comparison of how it transports during the day. Those were met and were not impacted by the low flight portions. Spent approximately 3.5 hours down low fire searching and 3 hours high for the DIAL runs."
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS150
Total Used158.1
Total Remaining-8.1
198002 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
07/09/19 - 07/10/191325Check331471020
07/15/19 - 07/16/191327Check3.56.5143.51505
07/22/19 - 07/23/191333Science6.813.3136.72924
07/24/19 - 07/25/191334Science3.416.7133.31462
07/25/19 - 07/26/191335Science6.122.8127.22623
07/29/19 - 07/30/191336Science6.929.7120.32967
07/30/19 - 07/31/191337Science7.236.9113.13096
08/02/19 - 08/03/191338Science6.1431072752
08/03/19 - 08/04/191339Science6.849.8100.22924
08/06/19 - 08/07/191340Science7.557.392.73225
08/07/19 - 08/08/191341Science6.764862881
08/08/19 - 08/09/191342Science6.470.479.62752
08/12/19 - 08/13/191343Science7.878.271.83354
08/13/19 - 08/14/191344Science7.685.864.23268
08/15/19 - 08/16/191345Science6.592.357.72795
08/16/19 - 08/17/191346Science7.599.850.23225
08/26/19 - 08/27/191350Science8.1123.526.53483
08/31/19 - 09/01/191353Science7.2144.85.23096

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