B-200 (UC-12B) - LARC 07/17/13

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Flight Number: 
DAWN 2013 R-8
Payload Configuration: 
NASA Langley's Doppler Aerosol Wind Lidar System (DAWN)
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
2.3 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:07/17/13 12:46 Z Finish:07/17/13 15:02 Z
Flight Time:2.3 hours
Log Number:13B012PI:Michael Kavaya
Funding Source:Bruce Fisher - NASA - SMD - ESD LARC Chief Engineer, Research Services Directorate
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:DAWN’s DATA flight #8, Tues 16 July. Target area Charlotte. N528NA Takeoff: 0846 L Landing: 1102 L Duration: 2.3 hrs (1.5 hr above 12.5K, TO weight 13,500#) Crew: Kagey (PIC), Wusk (OE), Kavaya (QNC), Cowen (QNC) Preflight and takeoff procedures were nominal. We took off on Runway 8, and climbed to the west eventually reaching FL220 after about 30 minutes. The instrument team began the instrument start up process after take-off but struggled with issues as the climb continued. After completing all the troubleshooting they could the call was made to return to base. The return to KLFI was uneventful. Post flight troubleshooting showed that the instrument was working fine but rather indicated that the in flight problems were the result of interior condensation on the optical glass due to the high humidity conditions on the ramp before flight. The team is assessing possible procedurial changes to prevent future issues under this conditions. Next event scheduled: July 22, with a proposed flight back to the Charlotte area. 0800 brief/0830 board/0900 takeoff. Take-off weight planned for 13,500#
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS25
Total Used23.9
Total Remaining1.1
13B012 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
06/12/13DAWN 2013 ICF#1Check3.13.121.9
06/14/13DAWN 2013 R-1Science2.15.219.8
06/21/13DAWN 2013 R-2Science27.217.8
06/24/13DAWN 2013 R-3Science2.49.615.4
06/26/13DAWN 2013 R-4Science2.311.913.1
06/28/13DAWN 2013 R-5Science2.514.410.6
07/09/13DAWN 2013 R-6Science3.217.67.4
07/10/13DAWN 2013 R-7Science219.65.4
07/17/13DAWN 2013 R-8Science2.321.93.1
07/23/13DAWN 2013 R-9Science223.91.1

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