B-200 (UC-12B) - LARC 06/26/13

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Flight Number: 
DAWN 2013 R-4
Payload Configuration: 
NASA Langley's Doppler Aerosol Wind Lidar System (DAWN)
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
2.3 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:06/26/13 15:40 Z Finish:06/26/13 17:58 Z
Flight Time:2.3 hours
Log Number:13B012PI:Michael Kavaya
Funding Source:Bruce Fisher - NASA - SMD - ESD LARC Chief Engineer, Research Services Directorate
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:Larry got up out of his seat passing 5K to turn on DAWN systems, and was complete powering up the laser at about the point of descent (SWL VOR). We proceeded to the NW point for Ocean City to begin the flight plan. The weather in the research area off Ocean City, MD was excellent. We flew at 5,000’ all day and no clouds were present below. Data lines ran from 1613Z to 1724Z in the following order: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. We overflew both the #4 and #1 Eastern Shore wind towers at 1748 and 1749Z respectively. The passes were in the following order (times were rounded to nearest minute to help extract data): TIME WPT TIME WPT Line-1 1613 OC01W N38°27.94452', W074°51.70482' 1615 OC01E N38°27.94452', W074°46.73940' Line-2 1724 OC02W N38°26.76732', W074°51.70482' 1720 OC02E N38°26.76732', W074°45.99816' Line-3 1620 OC03W N38°25.58982', W074°51.70482' 1617 OC03E N38°25.58982', W074°45.08724' Line-4 1715 OC04W N38°24.41232', W074°51.70482' 1717 OC04E N38°24.41232', W074°43.39488' Line-5 1623 OC05W N38°23.23482', W074°51.70482' 1625 OC05E N38°23.23482', W074°42.61794' Line-6 1712 OC06W N38°22.05732', W074°51.70482' 1708 OC06E N38°22.05732', W074°41.87670' Line-7 1633 OC07W N38°20.87982', W074°51.70482' 1629 OC07E N38°20.87982', W074°40.15308' Line-8 1702 OC08W N38°19.70232', W074°51.70482' 1705 OC08E N38°19.70232', W074°39.27342' Line-9 1636 OC09W N38°18.52482', W074°50.05266' 1638 OC09E N38°18.52482', W074°38.46522' Line-10 1658 OC10W N38°17.34732', W074°46.87338' 1654 OC10E N38°17.34732', W074°37.75524' Line-11 1645 OC11W N38°16.16982', W074°46.87338' 1641 OC11E N38°16.16982', W074°36.84426' Line-12 1649 OC12W N38°14.99232', W074°46.87338' 1652 OC12E N38°14.99232', W074°36.13428' Recommendations: - No new recommendations.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS25
Total Used23.9
Total Remaining1.1
13B012 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
06/12/13DAWN 2013 ICF#1Check3.13.121.9
06/14/13DAWN 2013 R-1Science2.15.219.8
06/21/13DAWN 2013 R-2Science27.217.8
06/24/13DAWN 2013 R-3Science2.49.615.4
06/26/13DAWN 2013 R-4Science2.311.913.1
06/28/13DAWN 2013 R-5Science2.514.410.6
07/09/13DAWN 2013 R-6Science3.217.67.4
07/10/13DAWN 2013 R-7Science219.65.4
07/17/13DAWN 2013 R-8Science2.321.93.1
07/23/13DAWN 2013 R-9Science223.91.1

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