B-200 (UC-12B) - LARC 05/25/17

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Flight Number: 
Payload Configuration: 
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
4.9 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:05/25/17 18:58 Z Finish:05/25/17 23:54 Z
Flight Time:4.9 hours
Log Number:17B006PI:Jassim Al-Saadi
Funding Source:Jassim Al-Saadi - NASA - SMD - ESD GEO-CAPE Program Scientist
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:Milwaukee Raster
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS150.2
Total Used150.2
Total Remaining0
17B006 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
05/17/17LMOS 1Check0.30.3149.9
05/17/17LMOS 1Check2.73147.2
05/19/17LMOS 2Check1.64.6145.6
05/20/17LMOS 3Science3.68.2142
05/22/17LMOS 4Science4.512.7137.5
05/22/17LMOS 4Science4.317133.2
05/25/17LMOS 5Science4.921.9128.3
05/27/17LMOS 6Science4.426.3123.9
06/01/17LMOS 7Science4.330.6119.6
06/01/17LMOS 7Science4.535.1115.1
06/02/17LMOS 8Science4.639.7110.5
06/04/17LMOS 9Science4.344106.2
06/07/17LMOS 10Science4.748.7101.5
06/07/17LMOS 10Science4.653.396.9
06/08/17LMOS 11Science4.257.592.7
06/12/17LMOS 12Science4.361.888.4
06/13/17LMOS 13Science4.165.984.3
06/14/17LMOS 14Science4.570.479.8
06/15/17LMOS 15Science3.573.976.3
06/15/17LMOS 15Science4.678.571.7
06/17/17LMOS 16Science4.883.366.9
06/18/17LMOS 17Science4.687.962.3
06/19/17LMOS 18Science4.392.258
06/21/17LMOS 19Science4.596.753.5
06/21/17LMOS 19Science3.7100.449.8
06/23/17LMOS 20Ferry2.610347.2
06/23/17LMOS 20Ferry410743.2
06/23/17LMOS 20Ferry2.4109.440.8
06/26/17LMOS 21Science2.8112.238
06/26/17LMOS 21Science2.6114.835.4
06/26/17 - 06/27/17LMOS 21Science3.4118.232
06/27/17LMOS 22Science3121.229
06/27/17LMOS 22Science2.9124.126.1
06/27/17 - 06/28/17LMOS 22Science3.1127.223
06/28/17LMOS 23Ferry5.2132.417.8
06/29/17LMOS 24Ferry3.4135.814.4
06/29/17LMOS 24Ferry2.4138.212
07/07/17LMOS 25Science3.9142.18.1
07/08/17LMOS 26Science4146.14.1
07/08/17LMOS 26Science4150.10.1
07/09/17LMOS 27Transit0.1150.20

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