B-200 (UC-12B) - LARC 05/10/16 - 05/11/16

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Flight Number: 
Payload Configuration: 
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
4.3 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:05/10/16 22:47 Z Finish:05/11/16 03:07 Z
Flight Time:4.3 hours
Log Number:16B012PI:Jassim Al-Saadi
Funding Source:Jassim Al-Saadi - NASA - SMD - ESD GEO-CAPE Program Scientist
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:Seoul raster scan flown at FL 280. Great weather. Raster was E/W flow over Seoul and some sites of interest, including two additional Pandora sites.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS192
Total Used191.4
Total Remaining0.6
16B012 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
04/18/16KORUS-AQ UC12 1Ferry5.55.5186.5
04/18/16 - 04/19/16KORUS-AQ UC12 1Ferry5.110.6181.4
04/19/16KORUS-AQ UC12 1Ferry3.113.7178.3
04/19/16 - 04/20/16KORUS-AQ UC12 1Ferry5.619.3172.7
04/20/16 - 04/21/16KORUS-AQ UC12 1Ferry4.724168
04/21/16KORUS-AQ UC12 1Ferry1.525.5166.5
04/21/16 - 04/22/16KORUS-AQ UC12 1Ferry6.632.1159.9
04/23/16KORUS-AQ UC12 1Ferry5.237.3154.7
04/28/16 - 04/29/16KORUS-AQ UC12 2Check3.941.2150.8
05/01/16 - 05/02/16KORUS-AQ UC12 3Science3.945.1146.9
05/02/16KORUS-AQ UC12 4Science2.547.6144.4
05/03/16 - 05/04/16KORUS-AQ UC12 5Science4.552.1139.9
05/04/16KORUS-AQ UC12 5Science4.556.6135.4
05/04/16 - 05/05/16KORUS-AQ UC12 6Science3.660.2131.8
05/06/16 - 05/07/16KORUS-AQ UC12 7Science4.164.3127.7
05/07/16KORUS-AQ UC12 7Science4.368.6123.4
05/10/16 - 05/11/16KORUS-AQ UC12 8Science4.372.9119.1
05/12/16KORUS-AQ UC12 9Science4.477.3114.7
05/16/16 - 05/17/16KORUS-AQ UC12 10Science4.381.6110.4
05/17/16KORUS-AQ UC12 10Science4.285.8106.2
05/18/16KORUS-AQ UC12 11Science4.390.1101.9
05/19/16 - 05/20/16KORUS-AQ UC12 12Science494.197.9
05/20/16KORUS-AQ UC12 12Science498.193.9
05/21/16 - 05/22/16KORUS-AQ UC12 13Science4.6102.789.3
05/25/16KORUS-AQ UC12 14Science3.4106.185.9
05/25/16KORUS-AQ UC12 14Science4.3110.481.6
05/28/16KORUS-AQ UC12 15Science4.7115.176.9
05/29/16 - 05/30/16KORUS-AQ UC12 16Science4.5119.672.4
05/30/16KORUS-AQ UC12 16Science4.1123.768.3
06/01/16KORUS-AQ UC12 17Science4.8128.563.5
06/01/16 - 06/02/16KORUS-AQ UC12 18Science4.513359
06/02/16KORUS-AQ UC12 18Science3.5136.555.5
06/04/16 - 06/05/16KORUS-AQ UC12 19Science4140.551.5
06/05/16KORUS-AQ UC12 19Science4.514547
06/08/16 - 06/09/16KORUS-AQ UC12 20Science4.5149.542.5
06/09/16KORUS-AQ UC12 20Science4.6154.137.9
06/09/16 - 06/10/16KORUS-AQ UC12 21Science4158.133.9
06/10/16KORUS-AQ UC12 21Science3.6161.730.3
06/13/16KORUS-AQ UC12 21Ferry3.9165.626.4
06/17/16 - 06/18/16KORUS-AQ UC12 21Ferry6.9172.519.5
06/18/16 - 06/19/16KORUS-AQ UC12 21Ferry5.3177.814.2
06/20/16KORUS-AQ UC12 21Ferry5.4183.28.8
06/21/16KORUS-AQ UC12 21Ferry5.5188.73.3
06/22/16KORUS-AQ UC12 21Ferry2.1190.81.2
06/22/16KORUS-AQ UC12 21Ferry0.6191.40.6

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