OIB - P-3 Orion 04/13/17 Science Report

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Thursday, April 13, 2017
Mission Location: 
North Glaciers 02 Prime
Mission Summary: 

Mission: North Glaciers 02 Prime (high priority, last flown 2014)


This mission is designed to resurvey a historical ATM longitudinal survey of Academy Glacier, plus several other glaciers. These include Ostenfeld, Maria Sophia, and a (possibly unnamed) glacier emptying into Newman Bay. We also survey flowlines of the Hagen and Petermann glaciers all the way from their termini to the ice divide. 


A near-perfect forecast for this spatially extensive mission, as opposed to our other two highest priority objectives (ICESat-2 North and South Canada Basin), favored this mission. We briefly encountered clouds during the transit from Thule to Camp Century that required us to increase our elevation, but otherwise it was a bluebird day. All outlet glaciers and ICESat tracks were successfully surveyed and our primary instruments all operated successfully. Prior to We also managed a fly-over of the Kee Bird, a B-29 that made an emergency landing near Petermann Glacier in 1948.


Map of today’s mission

MCoRDS quick-look near waypoint PETFLA at the southernmost point of this mission, near the central ice divide, showing detailed internal layering even prior to SAR processing

ATM T6 mapping of surface elevation near the calving front of Ostenfeld Glacier, showing the central major supraglacial stream common in northern Greenland outlet glaciers, crevassing and an iceberg near the calving front

DMS image of Kee Bird B-29 emergency landing site, southwest of Petermann Glacier in Washington Land