OIB - P-3 Orion 03/14/17 Science Report

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Mission Location: 
Mission Summary: 

IceBridge completed the high priority East Beaufort Loop mission. This mission is designed to sample sea ice in the eastern Beaufort Sea in an area which lacked OIB coverage prior to 2013, and which is also of priority interest to the Canadian Space Agency. For 2017 we replaced the segment just off Banks Island with an almost identical IceSat-2 ground track. In addition to Level-1 Requirements SI1 and SI2, it addresses sea ice level 1 projected requirement SIP2b by extending sea ice baseline observations to the southern Beaufort Sea, west of Banks Island.

The weather forecast for the flight showed patchy clouds throughout the flight line and a few areas with thick clouds as well. However, only a very thin haze was present making for an excellent flight line with no loss of data. Of particular note during the flight was the paucity of sea ice leads for sea surface elevation determination, some old leads with thick grey ice were present during the beginning portion of the flight which should be useful in conjunction with the FLIR imagery to determine the thickness of the thin snow-free ice.