OIB - P-3 Orion - WFF 04/06/19 Science Report

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Saturday, April 6, 2019
Mission Location: 
Zigzag East
Mission Summary: 

Mission: Zigzag East
Priority: High
This mission is a repeat or near-repeat of an OIB flight flown in prior years. It is intended to sample the thick multi-year ice near the Greenland coast as well as the gradient to thinner ice closer to the pole. The eastern- and westernmost gradient lines are CryoSat-2 ground tracks. In addition to Level 1 Requirements SI1 and SI2, the mission addresses sea ice level 1 baseline requirement SI3b by sampling thick multi-year ice near the northern coast of Greenland and the poleward gradient towards thinner ice.
A nearly clear satellite image of this region made for an easier decision today. We selected two low-latency CryoSat-2 underpasses and surveyed those. We had great views of the northern margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet on our transit to the survey line. We encountered intermittent clouds and fog at the beginning of the survey line, which soon cleared, and which we encountered again on the southwestern end of the main survey. The survey lines otherwise proceeded uneventfully over what appeared to be mostly first-year ice. We returned via Nares Strait and passed over Inglefield Land to get back to Thule. Snow radar briefly had a loose connection, and Headwall continued to experience shutdown issues but good progress was made, but otherwise all instruments performed well. ATM reported 95% altimetry coverage, limited only by brief cloudy periods. We flew a ramp pass at 2,000 ft AGL.
CryoSat-2 ground track / latency (positive/negative = CryoSat-2 orbits after/before our flight)
47671 / -2 hours, 44 min
47672 / -2 hours, 55 min
Attached images/files:

  1. Map of today’s mission (John Sonntag / NASA)
  2. KML of today’s mission (John Sonntag / NASA)
  3. Finger rafting of young ice in a lead (Jeremy Harbeck / NASA)
  4. Flaw lead where semi-fast ice along the northern Greenland coast meets pack ice (Jeremy Harbeck / NASA)
  5. The terminus of C.H. Ostenfeld Glacier, a major outlet glacier along the northern Greenland ice-sheet margin (Joe MacGregor / NASA)

Finger rafting of young ice in a lead

Flaw lead where semi-fast ice along the northern Greenland coast meets pack ice

The terminus of C.H. Ostenfeld Glacier, a major outlet glacier along the northern Greenland ice-sheet margin

Related Flight Report: 

P-3 Orion - WFF 04/05/19

Flight Number: 
#2072: 2019 OIB Science Flight #2
Payload Configuration: 
Operation IceBridge
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
7.7 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:04/05/19 11:00 Z Finish:04/05/19 18:40 Z
Flight Time:7.7 hours
Log Number:19P017PI:Joseph MacGregor
Funding Source:Bruce Tagg - NASA - SMD - ESD Airborne Science Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Miles Flown:1910 miles
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS250
Total Used216.3
Total Remaining33.7
19P017 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
03/26/19#2053: 2019 OIB ATFCheck0.90.9249.10
03/27/19#2059: 2019 OIB PTF-LaserCheck2.33.2246.80
03/28/19#2061: 2019 OIB PTF-RadarCheck3.26.4243.60
04/01/19#2068: 2019 OIB WFF-BGTL Transit FlightTransit6.913.3236.72458
04/03/19#2070: 2019 OIB Science Flight #1Science7.620.9229.11938
04/05/19#2072: 2019 OIB Science Flight #2Science7.728.6221.41910
04/06/19#2073: 2019 OIB Science Flight #3Science7.235.8214.22000
04/08/19#2075: 2019 OIB Science Flight #4Science6.942.7207.31780
04/09/19#2076: 2019 OIB Science Flight #5Science7.850.5199.52045
04/10/19#2081: 2019 OIB Science Flight #6Science10.160.6189.42702
04/11/19#2082: BGSF-BGTL TransitTransit2.262.8187.2696
04/12/19#2083: 2019 OIB Science Flight #7Science7.2701802109
04/15/19#2086: 2019 OIB Science Flight #8Science4.874.8175.21243
04/16/19#2087: 2019 OIB Science Flight #9Science7.682.4167.62036
04/17/19#2088: 2019 OIB Science Flight #10Science7.790.1159.91937
04/18/19#2090: 2019 OIB Science Flight #11Science7.897.9152.12008
04/19/19#2091: 2019 OIB Science Flight #12Science7.6105.5144.52104
04/20/19#2092: 2019 OIB Science Flight #13Science6.9112.4137.60
04/22/19#2094: 2019 OIB Science Flight #14Science6.61191311867
04/23/19#2099: 2019 OIB Science Flight #15Science7.7126.7123.31979
04/25/19#2102: 2019 OIB BGTL-KBGR Transit FlightTransit6.2132.9117.10
04/26/19 KBGR to BGSF TransitTransit5.7138.6111.40
05/05/192019 OIB Science Flight #16Science7.8146.4103.60
05/06/192019 OIB Science Flight #17Science8.4154.895.20
05/07/192019 OIB Science Flight #18Science8.5163.386.70
05/08/192019 OIB Science Flight #19Science8171.378.70
05/12/192019 OIB Science Flight #20Science9180.369.70
05/13/192019 OIB Science Flight #21Science7187.362.70
05/14/192019 OIB Science Flight #22Science7.9195.254.80
05/15/192019 OIB Science Flight #23Science8.3203.546.50
05/16/192019 OIB Science Flight #24Science6.3209.840.20
05/17/192019 OIB Transit Transit6.2216340
05/17/192019 OIB Transit Transit0.3216.333.70

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Flight Tracks: 
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