TitleAcronymContact PersonCenterAircraftTypeMeasurementsMeasurement RangeMeasurement Instrument PointingMeasurement FrequencyMeasurement Swath WidthMeasurement Horizontal ResolutionMeasurement Vertical ResolutionMeasurement WavelengthsMeasurement Notes
Charged-coupled device Actinic Flux SpectroradiometersCAFSSamuel R. Hall (PI)NCARDC-8 - AFRC, WB-57 - JSC, Gulfstream III - LaRCSpectrometer (in situ)Spectrally resolved actinic flux and photolysis frequencies typically calculated for the following species: O3, NO2, NO3, CH2O, HONO, HNO3, N2O5, HNO4, PAN, H2O2, CH3OOH, CH3ONO2, CH3CH2ONO2, CH3CHO, CH3CH2CHO, CHOCHO, CH3COCHO, 2, 3-Butanedione, Methacrolein, MVK, (CH3)2CO, MEK, Br2, BrO, BrNO, BrNO2, BrONO, BrONO2, BrCl, HOBr, CHBr3, Cl2, ClO, ClNO2, ClONO, ClONO2
In situ
1 Hz
280-650 nm
Chemical Ionization Mass SpectrometerGT-CIMSL. Greg Huey (PI)GA TechDC-8 - AFRC, Gulfstream V - NSFCIMSHNO3, SO2, HNO4, HCl, Br2, BrO, PAN
In situ
Chlorine Nitrate InstrumentClONO2David Wilmouth (PI)HarvardER-2 - AFRCFluorescenceNO2, ClO, ClONO2, BrO
In situ
Harvard Halogen InstrumentHALDavid Wilmouth (PI)HarvardWB-57 - JSC, ER-2 - AFRCFluorescenceBrO, ClO, CIONO2
In situ
mini-DOASmini-DOASJochen Peter Stutz (PI)UCLAGlobal Hawk - AFRCSpectrometerBrO, NO2, O4
Integrated slant column
Limb scanning (angles: +1, 0, -1, -1.5, -2, -2.5, -3, -4, 5, -15)
Multiple Axis Resonance Fluorescence Chemical Conversion Detector for ClO and BrOClO/BrOJames Anderson (PI)HarvardER-2 - AFRC, WB-57 - JSC, DC-8 - AFRCFluorescenceClO, BrO
In situ
NOAA Iodide Ion Time-of-Flight Chemical Ionization Mass SpectrometerNOAA ToF CIMSJ. Andy Neuman (PI)NOAA ESRLDC-8 - AFRCCIMSHCOOH, ClNO2, N2O5, BrO, Cl2, BrCN, BrCl, C2H4O3S