Advanced Vertical Atmospheric Profiling System

Darren Jackson loading dropsondes (9.10.14)

Gary Wick hands sondes to Terry Hock for loading on AV-6 (8.28.14)

Clayton Arendt of NCAR with the first 460 AVAPS Dropsondes for HS3 2014

Dave Costa and AVAPS at AFRC (04.21.14)

AV-6 AVAPS team loads sondes (8.26.13)

AVAPS Preflight AV-6 (08.19.13)

AV-6 - AVAPS Preflight for Range (07.31.13)

2013 AV-6 AVAPS Monitoring during Pre-CST (7.29.13)

AV-6 AVAPS Integration (07.19.13)


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