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SUCCESS 05/02/96 Mission Daily Schedule

The DC-8 and ER-2 flew a coordinated mission over Boulder, Co. to sample a wave-cloud and study the effects of the DC-8 exhaust and contrails on the wave-cloud. The DC-8 flew in and out of the wave-cloud while the ER-2 flew above. Measurements were coordinated with the NOAA-14 satellite overpass at 4 UTC.


Wave Structure (96502)
In the following gif images, several fields are plotted versus distance along DC-8 flight tracks upwind of the wave-cloud. Plots are shown for each of the 4 legs aligned with the wind. The fields plotted are:

960502 ER-2 Flight Track from Nav Recorder

Wave Structure 960502 leg 4

Wave Structure 960502 leg 3

Wave Structure 960502 leg 2

Wave Structure 960502 leg 1

SUCCESS 05/01/96 Mission Daily Schedule

96/05/01 CART site activity


Meteorology at the Central Facility

Weather Conditions from Site Operators Log


Visiting Instruments at Central Facilities


SUCCESS 04/30/96 Mission Daily Schedule

The DC-8, T-39 and B757 flew a coordinated mission north of Albuquerque, NM. to sample in and near a wave-cloud and the B757 emissions. The DC-8 sampled the B757 exhaust, not closer than ten miles. The T-39 d B757 exhaust sampling after both aircraft left the New Mexico airspace while DC-8 continued wave-cloud sampling.

Flight Reports

DC-8 SUCCESS flight #211 [960211] (scientists: Brian Toon and Eric Jensen)

960430 DC-8 Flight Track from DADS

SUCCESS 04/29/96 Mission Daily Schedule

The DC-8 and T-39 flew a coordinated mission over the CART site to profile stratus clouds and aerosols, and to provide data (FSSP) which will be useful for CART site radar systems calibration. The T-39 sampled the DC-8 exhaust at various altitudes, penetrating the stratosphere.

Flight Reports

Mission Summary

DC-8 SUCCESS flight #210 [960210] (scientists: Brian Toon and Eric Jensen)


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