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CPEX-AW 08/31/21 Mission Daily Schedule

CPEX-AW Plan of the Day
Tuesday, August 31
1100  Forecasting meeting, flight planning
1200 – 1400  Aircraft access (please show at 1200 sharp, access can be extended if necessary)
1400 – 1600  Science debriefing
Wednesday, September 1
Potential flight day (TBD)

Shuyi Chen, Gail Jackson, and Ed Zipser - CPEX-AW RF5 preflight [08.28.21]

CPEX-AW 08/28/21 Mission Daily Schedule

CPEX-AW Plan of the Day:
Saturday, August 28
1130      Aircraft open for access
1200      Pre-flight briefing (@Operations Center)                                 
1410      Doors closed
1440      Takeoff for Research Flight #5
2115      Land

DC8 crew (Scott, Andrew, Manny, Steve, and Marlon) - [08.27.21]

CPEX-AW 08/27/21 Mission Daily Schedule

Friday, August 27
0900 – 1300  Aircraft access
1100  Forecasting meeting, flight planning
Saturday, August 28
Potential flight TBD

CPEX-AW 08/26/21 Mission Daily Schedule

CPEX-AW Plan of the Day

Thursday, August 26 (all times local)
1030    Aircraft open for access
1100     Preflight briefing (@Operations Center)                                 
~1115     Forecasting meeting will follow the preflight briefing
1300     Doors closed
1330     Takeoff for Science Flight #4
1940    Land

Forecaster's Table - [08.24.21]

NASA’s DC-8 Deploys to the U.S. Virgin Islands

NASA’s DC-8 aircraft deploys to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands on Aug. 17 after more than six months of preparation and instrument upload.


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