Hunter AFB Access Form


If you are going to Hunter AFB, please complete and upload the Base Access Form to the ESPO database.

If you already have a CAC card, you do NOT need to fill out the form.

  • What is a CAC Card? A CAC Card is NOT your NASA PIV badge (they look similar). The CAC Card is a DoD sponsored ID.
  • How can I tell if I have a CAC card? All CAC cards have a DoD ID Number in the back.
  • No DoD number? It’s not a CAC Card, please fill out the form.
  • If you are not a US Citizen, please contact ESPO ASAP! 

Fill-in sections 1-4 and upload to ESPO database.
#1 – enter your full personal information
#2 – Requested card: Please mark NON-DoD
#3 – Requested date: Please mark January 06- March 06, 2020
#4 – Fill-in: Participant in the NASA sponsored project “IMPACTS”
#5 – Leave this information blank
#6 – Lave this information blank
#7 – Leave this information blank
#8 – Leave this information blank

Please upload this form to your "Personal Information" section of the IMPACTS Registration Database.