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P-3 Orion 03/24/13 - 03/25/13

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Flight Number: 
2013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1469
Payload Configuration: 
2013 Operation IceBridge Arctic
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
8.4 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:03/24/13 15:46 Z Finish:03/25/13 00:10 Z
Flight Time:8.4 hours
Log Number:13P001PI:Michael Studinger
Funding Source:Bruce Tagg - NASA - SMD - ESD Airborne Science Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:2013 Operation IceBridge Arctic- Fairbanks science flight
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS255
Total Used211.6
Total Remaining43.4
13P001 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
03/14/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1447Check0.80.8254.2
03/14/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1449Check2.12.9252.1
03/15/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1448Check46.9248.1
03/18/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1450Transit7.914.8240.2
03/20/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1468Science6.321.1233.9
03/21/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1456Transit8.529.6225.4
03/22/13 - 03/23/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1474Science8.237.8217.2
03/23/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1470Science7.845.6209.4
03/24/13 - 03/25/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1469Science8.454201
03/26/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1475Transit8.662.6192.4
03/27/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1476Science7.970.5184.5
03/28/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1477Science3.373.8181.2
04/02/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1486Transit6.480.2174.8
04/04/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1484Science8.188.3166.7
04/05/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1489Science7.896.1158.9
04/06/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1487Science8104.1150.9
04/08/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1491Science7.5111.6143.4
04/09/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1493Science6.4118137
04/10/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1493Science6.6124.6130.4
04/11/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1495Science7.4132123
04/12/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1496Science6.2138.2116.8
04/15/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1502Science7.9146.1108.9
04/18/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1504Transit5.2151.3103.7
04/19/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1505Science7.4158.796.3
04/20/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1508Science6.8165.589.5
04/22/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1512Science7.8173.381.7
04/23/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1513Science7.718174
04/24/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1514Science818966
04/25/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1515Science7.5196.558.5
04/26/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1516Science7.1203.651.4
05/02/132013 Operation IceBridge ArcticTransit7.5211.143.9
05/02/132013 Operation IceBridge ArcticTransit0.5211.643.4

Flight Reports began being entered into this system as of 2012 flights. If there were flights flown under an earlier log number the flight reports are not available online.

Related Science Report: 

OIB - P-3 Orion 03/24/13 - 03/25/13 Science Report

Mission Summary: 

F05 Sea Ice - SIZRS ZigZag


  • Low-altitude survey (1,500 ft AGL) over the Beaufort Sea.
  • ATM, snow and Ku-band radars, and DMS were operated on the survey lines.
  • Satellite Tracks: none
  • Repeat Mission: similar to 2012 mission

Science Data Report Summary

Instrument Operated Data Volume Instrument Issues/Comments
ATM yes 50 GB UPS failure on navigation rack.
DMS yes 149 GB None.
Snow Radar yes 80 GB UPS failure.
Ku-band Radar yes 80 GB UPS failure.
Accumulation Radar yes 93 GB None.
MCoRDS no N/A MCoRDS was not operated due to sea ice mission
KT-19 yes 9 MB None.

Mission Report (Michael Studinger, Mission Scientist)

This is a new mission design for 2013, with similarities to the 2012 Alaskan Coastal Zigzag mission initiated in 2012. It is designed to sample sea ice along the north-south gradient in the southern Beaufort Sea. The leg flown along the 210th meridian facilitates a new collaboration between IceBridge and the Seasonal Ice Zone Reconnaissance Surveys (SIZRS) program, and it improves the temporal extent of the SIZRS time series into early spring. This mission also offered an opportunity to conduct (a) an overflight of in-situ snow and ice property measurements being collected in the Barrow region. In addition to Level-1 Requirements SI1 and SI2, this mission addresses sea ice level 1 projected requirement SIP2d by extending sea ice baseline observations to the southern Beaufort and Chukchi Seas; sea ice level 1 baseline requirement SI4 by conducting a sampling mission that is time-coincident with a CryoSat-2 track; sea ice baseline level-1 requirement SI9 by coordinating with a field campaign the complements the IceBridge measurements.

The flight started with failures on the UPS system on the ATM navigation rack and the snow and Ku-band radar rack. The teams we able to quickly develop work arounds and no data was lost. Snow and Ku-band radar collected data with a lower data rate than usual. We started the survey line with the ground site near Barrow and collected data over two corner reflectors that were clearly vivisble in the DMS imagery (see Fig. 2 below). The weather in the survey area was good and we collected 100% of the planned data. We collected 5.6 hours of science data. Data collection started 17:07 UTC and ended at 22:45 UTC.

We had a camera team and producer from Showtime onboard the aircraft during the flight.


Today's P-3 trajectory over the Beaufort Sea

DMS images of corner reflectors near Barrow