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P-3 Orion - WFF 05/16/19

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Flight Number: 
2019 OIB Science Flight #24
Payload Configuration: 
Operation IceBridge
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
6.3 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:05/16/19 10:29 Z Finish:05/16/19 16:49 Z
Flight Time:6.3 hours
Log Number:19P017PI:Joseph MacGregor
Funding Source:Bruce Tagg - NASA - SMD - ESD Airborne Science Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS250
Total Used216.3
Total Remaining33.7
19P017 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
03/26/19#2053: 2019 OIB ATFCheck0.90.9249.10
03/27/19#2059: 2019 OIB PTF-LaserCheck2.33.2246.80
03/28/19#2061: 2019 OIB PTF-RadarCheck3.26.4243.60
04/01/19#2068: 2019 OIB WFF-BGTL Transit FlightTransit6.913.3236.72458
04/03/19#2070: 2019 OIB Science Flight #1Science7.620.9229.11938
04/05/19#2072: 2019 OIB Science Flight #2Science7.728.6221.41910
04/06/19#2073: 2019 OIB Science Flight #3Science7.235.8214.22000
04/08/19#2075: 2019 OIB Science Flight #4Science6.942.7207.31780
04/09/19#2076: 2019 OIB Science Flight #5Science7.850.5199.52045
04/10/19#2081: 2019 OIB Science Flight #6Science10.160.6189.42702
04/11/19#2082: BGSF-BGTL TransitTransit2.262.8187.2696
04/12/19#2083: 2019 OIB Science Flight #7Science7.2701802109
04/15/19#2086: 2019 OIB Science Flight #8Science4.874.8175.21243
04/16/19#2087: 2019 OIB Science Flight #9Science7.682.4167.62036
04/17/19#2088: 2019 OIB Science Flight #10Science7.790.1159.91937
04/18/19#2090: 2019 OIB Science Flight #11Science7.897.9152.12008
04/19/19#2091: 2019 OIB Science Flight #12Science7.6105.5144.52104
04/20/19#2092: 2019 OIB Science Flight #13Science6.9112.4137.60
04/22/19#2094: 2019 OIB Science Flight #14Science6.61191311867
04/23/19#2099: 2019 OIB Science Flight #15Science7.7126.7123.31979
04/25/19#2102: 2019 OIB BGTL-KBGR Transit FlightTransit6.2132.9117.10
04/26/19 KBGR to BGSF TransitTransit5.7138.6111.40
05/05/192019 OIB Science Flight #16Science7.8146.4103.60
05/06/192019 OIB Science Flight #17Science8.4154.895.20
05/07/192019 OIB Science Flight #18Science8.5163.386.70
05/08/192019 OIB Science Flight #19Science8171.378.70
05/12/192019 OIB Science Flight #20Science9180.369.70
05/13/192019 OIB Science Flight #21Science7187.362.70
05/14/192019 OIB Science Flight #22Science7.9195.254.80
05/15/192019 OIB Science Flight #23Science8.3203.546.50
05/16/192019 OIB Science Flight #24Science6.3209.840.20
05/17/192019 OIB Transit Transit6.2216340
05/17/192019 OIB Transit Transit0.3216.333.70

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Related Science Report: 

OIB - P-3 Orion - WFF 05/16/19 Science Report

Mission Summary: 

Mission: IceSat-2 South shortened (priority:high)

This mission is designed along IceSat-2 ground tracks to fill the gap between the southeastern and southwestern suites of missions. We sample a total of four IceSat-2 orbits, mixing left, nadir, and right beam pair overflights. We also overfly a firn compaction study site at point Saddle. For 2019 we replace three of the previously flown lines with lower-latency tracks (occupied by IS-2 on 15, 16 and 19 May 2019).  We removed two of the originally-planned six IS-2 lines today, because today being our final science flight prior to our departure for the US tomorrow, we needed additional time this afternoon to load the aircraft for departure and still remain within our allowable crew duty hours.

The unsettled weather over all of southern Greenland improved somewhat this morning, leaving substantial clear areas but also many clouds.  The clearest area among our high-priority areas roughly straddled the South Dome region, making this mission one for which we could expect a reasonable science return.  Weather models also led us to expect slow clearing of the area during the day.  Once airborne, we experienced mostly clear (and very calm) conditions, with a few patches of low cloud that prevented optical data collection from time to time.

Headwall SWIR did not operate today, but otherwise all instruments performed well. ATM estimates 90% altimetry data recovery today.  We did not perform a ramp pass due to low ceilings at Kangerlussuaq upon arrival.

IceSat-2 RGT latencies (+/- indicates OIB surveyed after/before IceSat-2)
            0780   -3 days
            0742   -7 hours
            0681   +4 days
            0719   +1 day

Data volumes:
ATM: 93 Gb
CAMBOT: 128 Gb
FLIR: 12 Gb
KT19: 8 Mb
MCoRDS: 1.64 Tb
Narrow Swath ATM: 126 Gb green
Narrow Swath ATM: 91 Gb IR
VNIR 29 Gb
Snow Radar: 1.14 Tb

total data collection time: 5.6 hrs