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B200 - LARC 07/25/21

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Flight Number: 
SLAP LIASE research flight #6
Payload Configuration: 
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
3.8 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:07/25/21 05:57 Z Finish:07/25/21 09:45 Z
Flight Time:3.8 hours
Log Number:21B004PI:Edward Kim
Funding Source:Jared Entin - NASA - SMD - ESD Hydrology Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Miles Flown:530 miles
Comments:SLAP sixth flight in Spain in support of LIASE. 13x low altitude survey lines flown from NW - SE at approximately 1000' AGL following prior day's irrigation of the science area. Morning flight conditions were smooth under a minor temperature inversion observed from 6000 ft MSL to 2000 ft MSL. Following last line of preplanned low-altitude rastor pattern, repeated the center line that passes over La Cendrosa in-situ ground site followed by a single east to west transect. Completed water calibration at 5.5K MSL over buoy location at 40.683N/1.467E on return from science area. RTB uneventful.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS95.8
Total Used78.1
Total Remaining17.7
21B004 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
06/28/21SLAP Ferry #1Ferry4.84.8910
06/28/21SLAP Ferry #1Ferry59.8860
06/29/21SLAP Ferry #2Ferry3.313.182.70
07/11/21SLAP ferry #3/#4Ferry3.818.976.9620
07/11/21SLAP ferry #3/#4Science2.821.774.1540
07/15/21SLAP LIASE research flight #1Science3.425.170.7560
07/16/21SLAP LIASE research flight #2Science3.828.966.9530
07/17/21SLAP LIASE research flight #3Science3.432.363.5550
07/24/21SLAP LIASE research flight #4 & #5Science436.359.5540
07/24/21SLAP LIASE research flight #4 & #5Science440.355.5540
07/25/21SLAP LIASE research flight #6Science3.844.151.7530
07/27/21SLAP LIASE research flight #7Science3.847.947.9640
07/28/21SLAP LIASE research flight #8Science4.15243.8655
07/29/21SLAP LIASE research flight #9Science4.156.139.7678
08/06/21SLAP ferry #5/#6Transit2.95936.8412
08/06/21SLAP ferry #5/#6Transit3.262.233.6589
08/09/21SLAP ferry #7Ferry3.966.129.7799
08/10/21SLAP ferry #8/#9Ferry2.96926.8649
08/10/21SLAP ferry #8/#9Ferry3.772.723.1674
08/11/21SLAP ferry #10/#11Ferry2.875.520.3607
08/11/21SLAP ferry #10/#11Ferry2.678.117.7575

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Related Science Report: 

SLAP LIAISE 2021 - B200 - LARC 07/25/21 Science Report

Mission Summary: 

Sunday, 25 July was the sixth flight of the two-week LIAISE special observation period (SOP). SLAP was flown at our low-altitude mapping lines, in order to map a 20 km x 20 km area coincident with the LIAISE ground truth sites. SLAP was flown at our low-altitude mapping lines, 17 km long spaced 350 m apart, to maximize spatial resolution. This mapping box coincides with the two ground truth sites at La Cendrosa and Els Plans and the area mapped by the GLORI GNSS-R sensor on the ATR-42 operated by the French agency SAFIRE.

After the mapping lines, a water calibration was performed over the Tarragona Buoy in the

Mediterranean Sea.