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Vertically resolved separation of dust and other aerosol types by a new lidar...

Luo, T., Z. Wang, R. Ferrare, C. Hostetler, and R. Yuan (2015), Vertically resolved separation of dust and other aerosol types by a new lidar depolarization method, Optics Express, 23, 14095-14107, doi:10.1364/OE.23.014095.

This paper developed a new retrieval framework of external mixing of the dust and non-dust aerosol to predict the lidar ratio of the external mixing aerosols and to separate the contributions of non-spherical aerosols by using different depolarization ratios among dust, sea salt, smoke, and polluted aerosols. The detailed sensitivity tests and case study with the new method showed that reliable dust information could be retrieved even without prior information about the non-dust aerosol types. This new method is suitable for global dust retrievals with satellite observations, which is critical for better understanding global dust transportation and for model improvements.

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