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FIREX-AQ 07/29/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Monday, 7/29 Accomplishments
Science Flight #3, North Hills Fire (MT), Tucker Fire (CA)
Tuesday, 7/30 Plans – either 8 hrs access, or a flight, TBD Tuesday
1000 Flight Planning Meeting
1200 A/C Access
1330 Pre-flight meeting
1430 A/C Door closed
1500-1600 Take-off time span
2000 A/C Access ends
Social Media

FIREX-AQ 07/28/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Sunday, 7/28 Accomplishments:
Flight Planning Meeting
Monday, 7/29 Plans:
10:00                     Flight Planning Meeting
12:00                     A/C access
13:30                     Preflight meeting
14:30                     A/C door closed
15:00-16:00        Take off time span

Shady Fire Plume 20190725

FIREX-AQ 07/27/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Saturday, 7/27 Accomplishments:
Instrument work and A/C maintenance
Forecasting and Science Team meetings
Hard Down for Theory Team
Sunday, 7/28 Plans:
1000 Forecasting meeting
Hard Down Day

Other info:

NOAA PTR-MS team Georgios G and Matt C

FIREX-AQ 07/26/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Friday, 7/26 Accomplishments:
Instrument work
FIREX-AQ Boise team photo
Air Force Communication Group tour

Saturday, 7/27 Plans:
13:00    A/C access
14:30    Preflight meeting
15:30    A/C door closed
16:00    Take-off (~6.5 hour flight)

FIREX (Etc.) link:  https://chat.whatsapp.com/IJQJPTP8N16I4ee8IrJRYs

Forecasting Mtg 26 July 2019

FIREX-AQ 07/25/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, 7/25 Accomplishments:
2nd FIREX-AQ DC-8 Science Flight (~ 6 hour flight)

Friday, 7/26 Plans:
08:00    A/C Access
10:00    Flight planning meeting
11:00    Team photo at the aircraft
16:00    A/C access ends
             Science meeting

FIREX-AQ 07/24/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, 7/24 Accomplishments:
First FIREX DC-8 science flight accomplished (~3.4 hour flight)
Thursday, 7/25 Plans:
10:00     Flight Planning Meeting
13:00     A/C access
14:30     Preflight meeting in room 149
15:30     A/C door closed
16:00     Take off for a ~ 5 hour flight.

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