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Entering Horsefly plume

FIREX-AQ 08/06/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Tuesday, August 06 Accomplishments
Science Flight #7, Williams Flats fire (WA), Horse fly fire (MT)
Wednesday, August 07 Plans
1000 Flight Planning Meeting
1200 A/C Access
1330 Pre-flight meeting
1430 A/C Door closed
1500-1600 Take-off time span 

FIREX-AQ 08/05/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Monday, 8/5 Accomplishments:
Instrument and A/C maintenance
Tuesday, 8/6 Plans:
0900 A/C Access
1000 Forecasting Meeting – focus today’s flight, interrupted by:
1030 Pre-flight meeting, then return to forecasting, forward outlook
1130 A/C Door closed
1200 Take off for Flight #7

Barbara Barletta 7/30..... again!

Krystal Vasquez and Lu Xi 7/30


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