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Cloud, Aerosol, and Refractive Index Experiment

CARE consists of three instruments: an Optical Particle AnaLyzer (OPAL), a second generation Cloud, Aerosol and Precipitation Spectrometer (CAPS), and a Precipitation Imaging Probe (PIP). CARE detects the size distributions of aerosol and cloud particles in the size range between 0.5 µm and 6.2 mm, provides information about particle shape and cloud phase, and allows the retrieval of refractive index of single particles in the size range between ~0.5 and 2 µm.

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FIREX-AQ 08/26/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Monday, 8/26 Accomplishments:
A/C retrieval from hangar
3rd Salina science flight (17th overall)

Tuesday, 8/27 Plans:
Maintenance day
08:00    A/C access
11:00    Flight Planning Meeting
16:00    A/C access ends
16:00    Science meeting

FIREX-AQ 08/24/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Saturday, 8/24 Accomplishments:
A/C and instrument maintenance
A/C placed in hangar overnight

Sunday, 8/25 Plans:
Down day with the exception of:
11:00    Flight Planning meeting

FIREX-AQ 08/23/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Friday, 8/23 Accomplishments:
Salina science flight #2 (16th overall)

Saturday, 8/24 Plans:
Maintenance day
12:00    A/C access (ground crew needs time to work on A/C issues)
18:00    A/C access ends
18:00    Science Meeting

Sunday, 8/25 Plans:
Down day except for:
11:00    Flight planning meeting

FIREX-AQ 08/22/19 Mission Daily Schedule

There will be no Flight Planning Meeting tomorrow, Friday, 8/23

Thursday, 8/22 Accomplishments:
A/C recovered from hangar (storms were to the south)
First FedEx pickup of WAS and iWAS boxes!

Friday, 8/23 Plans:
09:00    A/C access
10:30    Preflight briefing
11:30    A/C door closed
12:00    Take-off (max. 8 hr. flight)

FIREX-AQ 08/21/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, 8/21 Accomplishments:
First Salina science flight (Oklahoma, Texas and Mississippi river valley)
Continuation of lab/office set up
A/C towed to hangar in a precautionary move (hail potential)

Thursday, 8/22 Plans:
Maintenance day
09:30    A/C access begins
11:00    Forecasting meeting
16:00    Severe weather briefing by Michelle Barkley (Salina County Emergency Management Director)
17:00    A/C access ends
17:00    Science meeting

FIREX-AQ 08/20/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Tuesday, 8/20 Accomplishments:
Media Day and Open House (local legislators, media and upwards of 200 students visited)
Science team began unpacking and setting up
Office/lab space set up continued
Weather/Chem Briefing

Wednesday, 8/21 Plans:
0700     A/C access
0830     Pre-flight brief
0930    A/C Door closed
1000     DC-8 Takeoff
1100     Forecasting Discussion
1630     DC-8 Landing

FIREX-AQ 08/19/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Monday, 08/19 Accomplishments:
Truck from Boise with A/C unit, GPU and 20’ Conex arrived and unloaded
Dry Ice Salina delivery of dry ice
Airgas delivery of LN2 and compressed gases
Two FedEx semi-truck and trailers unloaded
Tables and chairs set up
DC-8 arrival 
All staged rental cars connected with renters

FIREX-AQ 08/15/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, August 15 Accomplishments
Successful science flight!
Friday, August 16 Tentative Plans
1200 Forecasting briefing and flight planning
1330 A/C Access
14:30 Pre-flight meeting
16:00 A/C Door closed
16:30 Take-off time

FIREX-AQ 08/14/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, August 14 Accomplishments
Instrument and A/C maintenance
Thursday, August 15 Plans
1000 Flight Planning Meeting
1400 A/C Access
15:30 Pre-flight meeting
16:30 A/C Door closed
1700 Take-off time


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