FIREX-AQ 09/04/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Thursday, 9/5 Plans
09:30     A/C access
11:00     Preflight briefing
12:00     A/C door closed
12:30     Take-off (6 hr. flight) for transit to Palmdale
The plane will be towed into the hangar upon landing. There will be a lapse in power lasting 6-10 minutes.
Power/access will be provided in the hangar as needed.
Friday, 9/6, Plans – Palmdale
07:00     A/C access (w/ power)
11:00     A/C access ends

  • For those who are flying transit and did not deliver luggage today, bring it first thing tomorrow.
  • Enterprise rental car return in Salina: fill up your tank. Park your car at hangar 600. Leave your keys with Bernie. Invoices will be emailed.
  • Hertz rental car return in Salina: return your car to Hertz at the commercial terminal. Marilyn will pick you up at the pre-arranged time. 
  • Bldg 703 lab access can be provided. All the normal access/badging rules apply.