FIREX-AQ 09/03/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Wednesday, 9/4 Plans
08:00     A/C access
13:00     All shipment items to the staging area
16:00     A/C access ends
16:00     Science meeting
Thursday, 9/5 Plans
09:30     A/C access
11:00     Preflight briefing
12:00     A/C door closed
12:30     Take-off (6 hr. flight)
The plane will be towed into the hangar upon landing. There will be a lapse in power lasting 6-10 minutes.
Power/access will be provided in the hangar as needed.
Friday, 9/6, Plans
07:00     A/C access (w/ power)
11:00     A/C access ends

  • For those who are flying transit and will deliver luggage for the hold, bring it by Wednesday NOON. Remember, we are assuming that for 28 science flyers, there are 25 or fewer bags.
  • All shipment items must be in the staging area by 1300 Wednesday. The truck will depart Thursday and arrive Palmdale Saturday latest.
  • Enterprise rental car return in Salina: park your car at hangar 600. Leave your keys with ESPO.
  • Hertz rental car return in Salina: return your car to Hertz at the commercial terminal. Arrange pickup time with ESPO. 
  • Bldg 703 lab access can be provided. All the normal access/badging rules apply.