An “A-Train” Strategy for Quantifying Direct Climate Forcing by...

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Anderson, T. L., R. J. Charlson, N. Bellouin, O. Boucher, M. Chin, S. Christopher, J. Haywood, Y. J. Kaufman, S. Kinne, J. A. Ogren, L. Remer, T. Takemura, D. Tanré, O. Torres, C. Trepte, B. Wielicki, D. Winker, and H. Yu (2005), An “A-Train” Strategy for Quantifying Direct Climate Forcing by Anthropogenic Aerosols, Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 1795, doi:10.1175/BAMS-86-12-1795.

New-generation, formation-flying satellites offer tremendous benefits to aerosol science but require, as well, rigorous planning for coordinated research.

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Atmospheric Composition Modeling and Analysis Program (ACMAP)
Radiation Science Program (RSP)