DCOTSS Travel Planning

Guidelines for Science Travel covers three main categories:  
1.  Deployments: During deployments, changeover of personnel is expected; try to limit changeovers to once per deployment.
2.  Science Team Meetings: Science Team members should plan to attend the annual Science Team meetings.  Postdocs and grad students are welcome to participate.
3.  Scientific Conferences (e.g. AGU): Science Team members who are presenting results, including postdocs and graduate students, should budget to attend one scientific conference per year.
If the total travel budget ends up too high, we will get back to everyone to make adjustments.

Here are dates that will help you plan:

Check Flights (Palmdale)
Fit Checks MMS, PALMS, POPS May 3-16, 2021
Integration and Test Flights May 17 - June 21, 2021

Deployment 1
Upload July 1-7, 2021 (Palmdale)
Transit July 12, 2021
Science Flights July 13 - August 26, 2021 (Salina)
Transit August 26, 2021
Download August 30- September 3, 2021 (Palmdale)

Deployment 2 
The following dates are tentative.

Integration April 11- May 9, 2022
Science Flights  May 10- June 30, 2022
Deintegration July 1- July 7, 2022

Template for Travel Plans