DCOTSS SSAI Travel Forms

If you are not a federal employee, you will likely be traveling via the SSAI contract at NASA Langley. This mechanism has been used for many airborne science deployments. You are essentially traveling under government travel rules and regulations, and SSAI will make you aware of those rules as necessary. In short, we are spending taxpayer dollars and we are expected to spend them responsibly.

To initiate a trip, download the Travel Request form here, fill it out and send to Cassie Lehnhardt, cassie.lehnhardt@ssaihq.com .

After traveling, fill out the expense report you can find here, and the Trip Report you can find here.
Send these to Cassie Lehnhardt, cassie.lehnhardt@ssaihq.com . If you would like to be reimbursed via direct deposit to your bank, you should also download the electronic funds transfer form here.