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AAOE ER-2 files for 19870818

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ClO/BrO PI: Anderson
CL19870818.ER2R2Wed, Oct 4, 20003.61 KB
MMS PI: Chan
PP19870818.ER2R1Wed, Apr 19, 200050.45 KB
TT19870818.ER2R1Wed, Apr 19, 2000268.59 KB
NOAA NOy PI: Fahey
no870818.er2R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989153.97 KB
ps870818.er2R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989178.42 KB
PI: Gaines
E*19870818.PDF (2 files)R1Sat, Mar 29, 200370.95 KB
E*19870818.PS (2 files)R1Mon, Aug 10, 199893.25 KB
PI: Gandrud
MF19870818.ER2R1Wed, Apr 26, 20001.48 KB
MTP PI: Gary
mt870818.er2R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989227.23 KB
PI: Hathaway
NP19870818.ER2R1Thu, Jul 30, 1998114.9 KB
nw870818.er2R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989115.19 KB
WAS (NCAR) PI: Heidt
WA19870818.ER2R1Fri, Mar 28, 20031.81 KB
FP PI: Kelly
WV19870818.ER2R1Tue, Apr 1, 2003283.12 KB
PI: Krueger
to870818.er2R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989198.19 KB
ATLAS PI: Loewenstein
n2870818.er2R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989198.3 KB
NOAA O3 Classic PI: Proffitt
O319870818.ER2R2Tue, Sep 22, 1998148.81 KB
Goddard Flight Support PI: Schoeberl
PI: Starr
ot870818.er2R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989196.43 KB
oz870818.er2R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989196.43 KB
CN19870818.ER2R1Wed, Sep 10, 2014303.47 KB
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