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AAOE DC-8 oz files

  • Mission: AAOE (7/30/1987-10/4/1987; Mission Website)
  • Measurement Platform: DC-8 aircraft (Aircraft Webpage)
  • File Code: oz, DC8
  • Measurement PI: Gregory
  • Description: LaRC O3 mixing ratio
  • File Format: Archive (plain-text) data file in STEP87 format
    This file has NOT yet been converted to a standardized format.

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oz870819.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 19899.57 KB
oz870822.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 19898.88 KB
oz870828.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198910.55 KB
oz870830.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198912.15 KB
oz870902.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198912.08 KB
oz870905.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198911.53 KB
oz870908.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198911.59 KB
oz870911.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198910.99 KB
oz870914.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198911.6 KB
oz870916.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198910.09 KB
oz870919.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198912.34 KB
oz870921.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198912.68 KB
oz870924.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198911.76 KB
oz870926.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198911.34 KB
oz870929.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198912.57 KB
oz871002.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 19899.74 KB
oz871004.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 19895.24 KB
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