ORACLES 10/24/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Wed, Oct 24th – Pack Day
All times in Local time
Last day to Pack
·      Commercial Flyers– ask for late checkout (no charge to NASA). Finalize and pay bill at hotel and pay cash for any incidentals afterwards.

  • P3 Crew - Give Passport to Susan before 1600

0840 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport
0900-1300 Airport: Access/Packing
1100 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport to Hotel
by 1100 P3 Transit Flyers - put large luggage in Conference room (ESPO will scan @ commercial terminal and store in Hangar Lab Space)
1315 Shuttle: Airport to Hotel 
Thurs, Oct 25th– Transit Flight
0430 Hotel Limited Breakfast
0530 Weather Briefing
0545 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport – Commercial Terminal for Transit Flyer 
Scanning – TSA-like
Immigration – have your passport and visa extensions (if applicable)
Walk over to the P-3 – wearing your vests
0620 Transit Flyers – Susan will collect badges and vests on plane
0715 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport to watch take-off
0730 Doors Close 
0800 P-3 take-off 
0600-1400 Commercial Flyers - Check out of hotel - can put luggage in conf room
0600-1400 Commercial Flyers - Return badges and vests to ESPO
1715 Commercial Flyers - NASA Shuttle from hotel to airport
ESPO Numbers:
Bernie Luna +1-650-417-8810 & São Tomé +239-992-2130
Dan Chirica +1-925-640-0463 & São Tomé +239-992-1945
Susan McFadden +1-312-804-1055 & São Tomé +239-992-2027