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ORACLES - P-3 Orion - WFF 10/10/18 Science Report

routine flight to 13S. high-altitude transit to 13S, followed by in-situ sampling on the way back that included three samples of the cloudy boundary layer, at 13S, ~8.5-7.5S, and 3.5S. boundary layer was mildly polluted. aerosol layer at southern end reached 19.5 kft. flight included speed runs for the cloud probes (the 2 CDP probes in particular).

ORACLES 10/20/18 Mission Daily Schedule

POD for Saturday, Oct 20th – HARD DOWN DAY 

11 Flights Completed.  Two more flights before Transit Back.
1715  Shuttle – Hotel to Airport for those flying out

ORACLES Aircraft ESPO 008

ORACLES Aircraft ESPO 007


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