Atmospheric Tomography Mission
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ATom 04/12/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, 4/12 Accomplishments
Instruments prepared for TF02

Friday, 4/13 Plan
06:00    a/c access
07:30    preflight in lab
08:30    door closed
09:00    take off
After landing:
instrument power down
a/c towed into hangar
2 hour a/c access

Saturday, 4/14
only essential a/c access

(ops engineer & avionics support only)

ATom 04/11/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, 4/11 Accomplishments
Weather brief
Flight planning meeting
Instrument flight preparations

Thursday, 4/12 Plans
06:00    a/c access
07:30    preflight briefing in lab
08:30    door closed
09:00    take-off

Styrofoam coffee cups are no longer being provided on the a/c
You must bring your own cup and it must have a lid
Make sure to use the headsets to save your ears

ATom 04/10/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Tuesday, 4/10 Accomplishments
Successful conduct of Atom-4 TF01
Almost exactly 5 hour flight
Flux maneuvers went well
Low altitude MMS

Wednesday, 4/11 Plan
06:00-16:00 a/c access
09:00 Weather brief
10:00 Flight planning meeting
13:00 Lab meeting

Thursday, 4/12 Plan
06:00 a/c access
07:30 preflight in lab
08:30 door close
09:00 Take-off

ATom 04/09/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Monday, 4/9 Accomplishments
Instruments prepared for Test Flight #1
First ATom-4 weather brief
First ATom-4 flight brief
A/C towed outside at 13:30
Pilot proficiency flight (16:00 take-off)

Tuesday, 4/10 Plan
06:00 a/c access on ramp
10:30 preflight briefing in lab
11:30 a/c door closed
12:00 take-off for ~ 5 hour flight
Post flight in lab 

Don Blake integrating WAS during ATom-4 [03.30.18]

ATom 04/02/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Friday, March 30 Accomplishments

  • GT-CIMS, NOAA CIMS, CIT-CIMS, and WAS are flight ready. The DC-8 is fully integrated for ATom-4.

Week of 4/2 - 4/6

Aftermath of Daily 13:00 [03.29.18]

ATom 03/29/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, March 29 Accomplishments

  • GT-CIMS, NOAA CIMS, and CIT-CIMS installed and power checked
  • PANTHER/UCATS running instruments in lab

Friday, March 30 Plan

  • WAS to continue integration
  • 06:00 - 09:00: A/C outside for testing. Access to the a/c is available at this time, but bring ear protection - the testing will be loud.
  • 09:00 - 16:30: A/C access inside hangar
  • 13:00: Daily brief in lab

Next week

Eric Stith performing IT work during ATom-4 integration [03.28.18]

ATom 03/28/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, March 28 Accomplishments

  • WAS racks on aircraft
  • GT-CIMS powered on aircraft, running lines to cylinder rack
  • NOAA CIMS and CIT-CIMS finishing up integration, testing on aircraft
  • MMS working on software
  • PANTHER/UCATS running instruments in lab

Thursday, March 29 Plan


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