B200 - AFRC
B200 - AFRC (TN 801)
B200 - AFRC (#801)
B200 - AFRC (#801) - AFRC
B200 (#801) - AFRC
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James Less (AFRC), Alex Wineteeer (JPL), Federica Polverari (JPL), and Wayne Ringelberg (AFRC) [12.06.19]

Tracy Phelps (AFRC), Hernan Posada (AFRC), Fabien Nicaise (JPL), and Hector Torres (JPL) [12.11.19]

NASA 801 taxiing at ARC [12.05.19]

Jeff Borton (AFRC), Scott Howe (AFRC), and Alex Wineteer (JPL) [12.05.19]

Jeff Borton (AFRC) and NASA 801 at ARC [08.22.19]

Multiscale Observing System of the Ocean Surface

MOSES is an long wave infrared based observing system of the radiative sea surface temperature.

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Doppler Scatterometry

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B200 (#801) - AFRC

Current Status:
S-MODE Upload (ends 04/30/21)
NASA Armstrong (Dryden) Flight Research Center
Beechcraft Super King Air B200
6 hours (payload and weather dependent)
Useful Payload: 
1 850 lbs
Gross Take-off Weight: 
13 420 lbs
Onboard Operators: 
Max Altitude: 
35,000 ft. MSL (restricted airspace), 28,000 ft. MSL (national airspace)
Air Speed: 
280 knots
1 300 Nmi
28VDC, 235A
Point(s) of Contact: 

John T. McGrath

Work: (661) 276-2588
Mobile: (661) 802-3566
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