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Langley Wideband Integrated Bioaerosol Sensor (Langley WIBS)


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Wideband Integrated Bioaerosol Sensor (WIBS-4A) - Droplet Measurement Technologies.  Dectection of Fluorescent Biological Aerosol Particle (FBAP) number concentrations.  Single particle analysis using dual wavelength (280nm and 370nm by xenon lamps) excitation on two parallel broadband visible-wavelength detectors (310-400nm and 420-650nm). Particles are classified by a combination of fluorescence excitation and emission characteristics, as well as their optical size measured by forward-scattering using a 635nm continuous-wave diode laser.    

Instrument Type: 
CAMP2Ex (P-3 Orion - WFF); NAAMES (C-130H - WFF); SEAC4RS/DC3 (DC-8 - AFRC)
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