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Spatiotemporal Variation in Tropospheric Column Ozone over East Asia Observed...

Hayashida, S., N. Urita, K. Noguchi, X. Liu, and K. Chance (2008), Spatiotemporal Variation in Tropospheric Column Ozone over East Asia Observed by GOME and Ozonesondes, Sola, 4, 120, doi:10.2151/sola.2008.

We analyzed tropospheric column ozone (TCO) observed by the GOME-1 (Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment; European Space Agency, 1995) and ozonesondes to determine the spatiotemporal variation in TCO over East Asia from 1996 to 2003. An enhanced TCO belt (E-TCO belt) was observed at approximately 35°N throughout the year. The E-TCO belt moved northward from winter to summer and southward from summer to winter, strongly suggesting connection with the seasonal variation of meteorological conditions. The large enhancement of TCO found over central China in summer suggests that there is significant outflow of ozone from that region. This study presents the first satellite-derived comprehensive picture of the TCO spatiotemporal variation over East Asia, which has not been obtained from limited ground-based measurements.

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