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POSIDON 10/20/16 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Science Flight #5 underway
Balloon Launch #2 Completed

Thursday, October 20th  - No Fly Day
0900-1000 Aircraft Engine Run and Checkout
If all goes well 1000-1600 Aircraft access 

If further repairs are needed access will be moved to Friday

1500 Science/Weather Brief - Tell Ru-Shan/Eric if you have a science presentation

Friday, October 21st - Possible Flight Day #6
0700-0800 Instrument Upload
0830 Mission Brief (Ru-Shan will represent Science.  Each instrument team can let Ru-Shan know their instrument fly status.)
1030 Estimated Take-off
1330 Possible Balloon launch
1600 Estimated Landing
1630 Post Flight Brief (Send rep or inform Ru-Shan instrument update so download is not delayed)
1630-1830 Instrument Download

Saturday, October 22nd - Down Day
Sunday, October 23rd - Access Day
Monday, October 24th - Possible Fly Day