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NASA established a new science field campaign in 2009 to study sea ice roughness and break-up in the Arctic and high northern latitudes. This mission, known as CASIE-09 (Characterization of Arctic Sea Ice Experiment 2009), was conducted under the auspices of the International Polar Year (IPY), a major international scientific research effort.

Svalbard reindeer in Ny-Alesund, 7-13-09.

Roll-out of SIERRA for first test flight, 7-11-09.

SIERRA check-out on runway at Ny-Alesund prior to first test flight, 7-1-09.

Settlement of Ny-Alesund, 7-6-09.

Norbjorn transport vessel in Tromso, Norway. The Norbjorn carried the SIERRA aircraft and CASIE science equipment to Ny-Alesund.

Town of Longyearbyen, Capital of Svalbard, 7-4-09.

CASIE team photo upon arrival in Ny-Alesund, 7-8-09.

CASIE team photo prior to first test flight, 7-11-08.


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