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Curriculum Vitae for Susan Kulawik

Brief Bio: 

Specializes in satellite remote sensing of our earth

  • Aura-TES L2 Algorithm lead, including new species and algorithm development, prototyping, scientific validation of atmospheric products, and working with software engineers to oversee production code.
  • Principle Investigator for Earth Science Data Record for the consistent validation of CO2 biases and errors from AIRS, SCIAMACHY, TES, ACOS-GOSAT, and OCO-2.  Principle Investigator for characterization of OCO-2 products.
  • Characterization of new instrument concepts for GEO-CAPE missions:  simulated retrievals of trace gases in UV, VIS, NIR, and IR spectral regions
  • Algorithm development and prototyping for atmospheric retrievals from TES, including error analysis, target scene preparation, constraint optimization, spectral window optimization, and development of quality flags.
Research Interests: 
• Optimal estimation approaches in atmospheric remote sensing to develop and characterize tropospheric products
• Using satellite data to understand the carbon cycle
• Characterization of results for new instrument concepts
Professional Experience: 
2013 - PresentSenior Research Scientist, Bay Area Environmental Research Institute, 506 Third St. West, Sonoma, CA
2002 - 2013Scientist, Earth and Space Sciences, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA 91109
1999 - 2002Senior Physics Engineer, Raytheon ITSS, Pasadena, CA 91101
1999 - Ph.D., physics - University of Michigan
1995 - M.A., physics - University of Michigan
1991 - B.A., physics - Ohio State University
First Author Publications: 
Co-Authored Publications: 
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