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S-MODE 04/17/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Here is the S-MODE Plan of the Day for Monday, April 17:

S-MODE Survey Area 4/14/23

S-MODE 04/15/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Here is the Plan of the Day for Saturday, April 15:

  • The B200 completed its eighth flight of the campaign, and the MASS Twin Otter its fourth. Both aircraft surveyed the northwest corner of the operations polygon.
  • The Sally Ride is completing a survey under the DopplerScatt and MASS flight paths, with EcoCTD casts planned later today. Seven Wave Gliders and two of the Seagliders are also surveying the same area. Weather/sea state continues to improve. 

Aircraft plan and schedule:

Satellite Image of Chlorophyll on April 13th

RV Sally Ride Deploys APEX Float

S-MODE 04/14/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Plan of the Day for Friday, April 14:

The Mighty B-200 Crew with Honored Guests

S-MODE 04/13/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Here is the S-MODE Plan of the Day for Thursday, April 13:

  • The intrepid Sally Ride science party has nearly completed the APEX float deployments, in addition to deploying surface drifters and performing CTD casts. Deck operations will cease for ~24 hours as sea state conditions deteriorate.
  • The B200 completed its sixth flight of IOP-2, while the MASS TO completed its second. The G-III was a no-go today due to clouds.

 Aircraft schedule:


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