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NASA's New Mission Explores Earth's Oceans

NASA scientists are flying off the California coast to see how the weather of the ocean interacts with the Earth’s climate and the journey started at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View. Vianey Arana reports.

A look at NASA’s new mission to explore the Earth’s oceans

​Scientists at NASA are on a mission to study the surface of the Earth's oceans to observe how eddies, whirlpools and currents interact with the atmosphere and shape the Earth’s climate. NBC’s Jacob Soboroff reports for TODAY.

On the Edge: NASA’s Last S-MODE Mission Studies the Ocean’s Surface

NASA has taken to the seas and skies to study the unique environment at the ocean’s surface, where marine ecosystems intersect with our planet's complex atmosphere. On April 7, 2023, scientists participating in the Sub-Mesoscale Ocean Dynamics Experiment (S-MODE) embarked on the RV Sally Ride from San Diego on the last of three field expeditions to understand the ocean’s role in the Earth’s changing climate. They will be at sea for about a month until returning to San Diego on May 4, and they will operate for most of that period in tandem with an accompanying airborne campaign.

G-III Final Crew for IOP-2

S-MODE 04/30/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Here is the S-MODE Plan of the Day for Sunday, April 30:

S-MODE 04/29/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Plan of the Day for Saturday, April 29:


  • The B200 flew its 21st flight of the IOP-2 campaign, but clouds prevented MOSES and PRISM data collections.
  • The Sally Ride is busy today recovering the Lagrangian Floats and also two Seagliders. Afterwards, the team will resurvey the target area and redeploy floats.

 Aircraft plan and schedule:

  • NET 1000: G-III SF#7 takeoff 
  • 1000: Preflight meeting for B200 SF#22
  • NET 1100: B200 SF #22 takeoff (final B200 S-MODE flight)

 Ship and in situ plan:


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