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WFF maintenance crew working on P-3 (9 Aug 2019)

Sergio Alvarez working on SO2 instrument (9 Aug 2019)

Preflight Brief 5Aug2019

CAMP2Ex 08/05/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Plan of the Day (POD) for Monday, 5 Aug
Fly Day - PTF #2 High Altitude

0630      N-159 front door unlocked
0700      Project Science Weather Brief- go/no go decision (see email for webex info) 
0800      Access and power

   Flight Safety Brief in N-159 conference room for any new flyers

0915      Onboard Safety Brief 
0930      Doors close 
1000      Takeoff For PTF #2: High Altitude 
1500      RTB at WFF (nominal)
1530      PTF#2 Debrief (see email for call in number)

CAMP2Ex 08/03/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Plan of the Day
Saturday, 3 August – Test Flight - Plenary
Forecast suggests acceptable conditions in the warning area W-386.  Saturday plan dependent upon a successful ATF on Friday.   Conditions look favorable for Sunday, should we need to postpone.
0700  Weather briefing followed by go/no-go call.
0800  Aircraft access to instrument teams
0900  Power check all instruments.  All teams to have someone at their instrument
1030  Doors close
1100  Takeoff

CAMP2Ex 07/30/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Plenary Telecon:
Tuesday, Jul 30, 2019 8:00 am | 1 hour | (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada


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