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ATTREX - Global Hawk #872 02/06/14 Science Report

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Thursday, February 6, 2014
Mission Location: 
Mission Summary: 

ATTREX RF01 (first local science flight from Guam)


Takeoff: 21Z Feb 6, 2014 (7 AM Feb 7 local time at Guam)


Landing: 11Z Feb 7 (9 PM local time)


Duration: approx. 14 hours


2031 Standing by for good OmniStar before engine start

2042 Going forward with engine start

2045 Engine started. Starting up payload.

2050 Payload up.

2108 Looking for good nav solution

2110 Taxi prep complete. No pin pull yet. Still looking for improved nav.

2124 HUPCRS Iridium communication problem solved. Commands now going through to instrument

2146 Powering down payload and going to shut down engine & do some testing. We have NOT scrubbed yet.

2236 Still standing by on VTC.

2345 Scrubbed.