TitleAcronymContact PersonAircraftTypeMeasurementsMeasurement RangeMeasurement Instrument PointingMeasurement FrequencyMeasurement Swath WidthMeasurement Horizontal ResolutionMeasurement Vertical ResolutionMeasurement WavelengthsMeasurement Notes
Airborne Chromatograph For Atmospheric Trace SpeciesACATSJames W. Elkins (PI)ER-2 - AFRC, CitationGas chromatographyCFCl3, CF2Cl2, CF2ClCFCl2, CH3CCl3, CCl4, Halon-1211, CHCl3, CH4, H2, N2O, SF6
In situ
Cloud Integrating NephelometerCINHermann Gerber (PI)C-130H - WFF, Citation, Twin Otter - GRC, WB-57 - JSCOptical particle counterAsymmetry Parameter, Optical Extinction Coefficient, Extinction-to-Backscatter Ratio
In situ
4-2500 µm
Cloud Particle ImagerCPISarah Woods (PI)Citation, DC-8 - AFRC, WB-57 - JSC, Global Hawk - AFRC, P-3 Orion - WFFParticle imagerParticle phase, habit, Imagery
In situ
Continuous Flow Diffusion ChambersCFDCPaul J. DeMott (PI)Citation, DC-8 - AFRCOptical particle counterParticle size distribution
In situ
Counterflow Virtual ImpactorCVICynthia Twohy (PI)Citation, DC-8 - AFRC, WB-57 - JSCCounterflow virtual impactorCloud Liquid Water Content
In situ
Forward Scattering Spectrometer ProbeFSSPPaul Lawson (PI)Citation, DC-8 - AFRC, ER-2 - AFRC, WB-57 - JSCOptical particle counterParticle size distribution
In situ
450 nm; 530 nm; 550 nm; 700 nmaerosol scattering and backscattering coefficients
High Volume Precipitation SpectrometerHVPSPaul Lawson (PI)Citation, DC-8 - AFRC, WB-57 - JSC, P-3 Orion - WFFParticle imager, Spectrometer (in situ)Particle size distribution
In situ
Land, Vegetation and Ice SensorLVISJ. Bryan Blair (PI)B-200 - LARC, C-130H - WFF, Cessna 402B, Citation, DC-8 - AFRC, P-3 Orion - WFFLidarVegetation, Topography
Cross-track scanning
1000 m (at 10 km)
25 m (at 10 km)
MOPITT Airborne Test RadiometerMATRJohn Gille (Prev PI)CitationRadiometerCO, CH4
Vertical profile
Nadir (directly downwards)
4.6 µm; 2.27 µmTIR CO band
TSI 3563 Integrating NephelometerTSI NephCessna 402B, Citation, DC-8 - AFRC, P-3 Orion - WFF, Twin Otter - GRC, Twin Otter (DOE)Particle Extinction
In situ
1 Hz
450 nm; 550 nm; 700 nm40 nm bandwidth