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Carbon monoxide total column retrievals by use of the measurements of pollution...

Niu, J., M. Deeter, J. Gille, D. P. Edwards, D. C. Ziskin, G. Francis, A. J. Hills, and M. W. Smith (2004), Carbon monoxide total column retrievals by use of the measurements of pollution in the troposphere airborne test radiometer, Appl. Opt., 43, 4685-4696.

gas correlation filter radiometry from high-altitude aircraft to measure tropospheric carbon monoxide. This radiometer is used in support of the ongoing validation campaign for the MOPITT instrument aboard the Earth Observation System Terra satellite. A recent study of MATR CO retrievals that used data from the autumn of 2001 in the western United States is presented. Retrievals of the CO total column were performed and compared to in situ sampling with less than 10% retrieval error. Effects that influence retrieval, such as instrument sensitivity, retrieval sensitivity, and the bias between observations and the radiative transfer model, are discussed. Comparisons of MATR and MOPITT retrievals show promising consistency. A preliminary interpretation of MATR results is also presented.