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Darren Jackson loading dropsondes (9.10.14)

HS3 09/10/14 Mission Daily Schedule

Overview:  AV-6 Science Flight #5 is scheduled to takeoff today at 1800 EDT for a 25-hr flight into P29/91L. The disturbance is still unorganized, but it is expected by most models to consolidate and slowly intensify. The NHC gives a 20-70% chance of development into a TC in 2-5 days. 65 sondes are loaded for this flight.

HS3 09/09/14 Mission Daily Schedule

Overview:  AV-6 Science Flight #5 is scheduled to fly tomorrow at 1800 EDT (target P29/I91L; 65 sondes are being loaded). Media Day is scheduled for Thursday.
Wed Sep 10 (AV-6 Science Flight #5)

HS3 09/08/14 Mission Daily Schedule

Overview:  AV-6 engine nozzle change is complete and engine run was successful. Next potential flight Wed Sep 10 (target P29L).
The decision was made at this morning's weather brief to cancel Tuesday's flight due to inclement local weather. The next potential AV-6 flight will be Wednesday. The takeoff time for a potential Wednesday flight is TBD and will be determined NLT 1400 Tuesday afternoon.
Tue Sep 9

NASA's HS3 Mission Investigates Tropical Storm Dolly

One of NASA's unmanned Global Hawk aircraft number 872 surveyed Tropical Storm Dolly as part of NASA's latest hurricane airborne mission known as the Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel, or HS3 mission.

Mission Science (Pete Black, Amber Emory, Jon Moskaitis, and Jim Doyle) (9.7.14)

HS3 09/07/14 Mission Daily Schedule

Overview:  AV-6 engine nozzle change in progress.  Next potential flight Tue Sep 9 (target P29L).
Showers are forecast locally through Tuesday. A go/no-go decision will be made Monday afternoon for either a Tuesday morning or Tuesday evening flight. If AV-6 cannot takeoff due to weather on Tuesday, then the next potential AV-6 flight will be Wednesday morning.

Ryan Spackman and Dean Lauritsen discuss AVAPS (9.6.14)

S-HIS Team with Data-IT (9.6.14)

Flight Planners prepare for SciFlt03 (Ana Juracic, Sergio Abarca Fuente, Leslie Lait) (9.1.14).jpg


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